Brewing African Tea

African tea

Brewing your cup has never been easier and tastier than when doing it the African way. The process may be longer than employing the use of tea bags, machine blenders or meshes; but when it gets to the actual downing of the cup, there is no regret whatsoever; the aroma you get even before tasting is simply out of this world, best thing about it is you do not need too much prior training to achieve this.


  • 1/5 teaspoon of Green tea (preferably gold foil wrapped garden tea)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water (standard tea cup)


Place water in a saucepan or kettle and bring to the boil with maximum heat. Lower the heat, preferably to gas mark 3 in case you are using gas for your cooking. For a typical cup, add the green tea and the pinch of salt then simmer for at least three minutes. This enables the tea to unfurl and infuse properly so you get the best taste out of it. The strange thing with tea is that the quicker the process, the less tasty the drink – never rush a good cup of tea. Pour the tea into the tea pot and cover it for at least a minute then serve. Add sugar to taste.

Alternative with milk

Follow the same process as above but this time add semi skimmed milk and simmer for three minutes. Pour the tea into a flask- advantage with this is that the blending process will continue while the tea is in the flask- definitely a long wait but when you pour out the tea into the cup, it will be worth every second you spent on it.


The only drawback with African tea is that it calls for considerable amount of patience before you take your cup, however, there is a way around this – simply plan for you cup in advance and you are bound to relish this for the rest of your life.

Go on and indulge yourself in a delicious cup of African tea. We will make sure you always enjoy the experience of garden tea.